Knowledge Management & Our Firm



We are career veterans from the private and public sectors, providing services in the followings areas:

Organizational Planning
and Development

  • Strategic Planning
  • Governance
  • Organizational and
    Operational Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Program Reviews
  • HR and Leadership
  • Training
  • Project Management


  • Public and Stakeholder
  • Studies
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups

Communications Strategy

  • Strategy and Tactics
  • Issues Management
  • Media Relations
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the Knowledge Management
Process in Organizations.

Consulting Approach

Our consulting services are driven by comprehensive thinking – Knowledge Management means a service approach focused on the three ways knowledge moves in a dynamic organization:
  • INCOMING: Business Intelligence – knowledge moving into the organization – and that means research and consultation, as well as public and stakeholder consultations.
  • APPLIED: Organizational Development – how an organization uses knowledge to grow stronger, perform more effectively and manage its future – and that includes governance, strategic and operational planning, and organizational review and change.
  • OUTGOING: Communications – knowledge moving out from the organization – and that means the strategies to identify and reach target markets with effective messages.


For more than 20 years we have provided organizational development, research and communications strategy to:
  • Private companies
  • Municipalities
  • Not-for-profit and community-based organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Government